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Stacy Sheeley

Home Buying Made Simple!

How to Simplify the Home Shopping Process Through my 15 year experience as a Realtor in Las Vegas, Nevada, I’ve noticed how many people over-complicate the home buying process.  The jump from renting to buying can seem daunting and most people aren’t sure where to start.  My business aims to simplify that process and show house hunters everywhere how this does not need to be a stressful process.  I’m here to walk you through the process and show you how easy it can be to own your own home! Buying a home is simple When you have the right people

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Stacy Sheeley

Simple Projects to add Curb-Appeal to your Home

Whether you’re planning on selling your home or not, your home’s curb appeal always plays an important role.  Its attractiveness is the first impression of guests or potential buyers and makes them want to see what’s inside.  Its not difficult or expensive to do some little things to increase appeal.   #1.  Build a flower bed around all trees for a well contained pop of color.  Make sure to read the height and spread of the flowers and borders to fill in nicely. Image (top) by:     #2.  If you want a little privacy or sunscreen, add this

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Stacy Sheeley

Color Trends 2017

The Hottest Color Trends of 2017 I obviously like to keep up with the current design trends and stay on top of the new home models and what is in style.  The trend this year is a whole lot of color; whereas last year even had white as a color choice.  My own recently renovated home is a whole lot of “Greige” (grey-beige) and grey-blues but I’m boring have always tended to the cool colors with a grey undertone.  Except my first home was a brilliant shade of yellow!  And yellow is on trend again!  Keeping up with the current

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