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Stacy Sheeley

Do I need a Realtor for New Home Construction?

If you’ve been captivated by the recent new construction in the area, you’ve probably wondered what that purchasing process is like. Do you even need a Realtor? The builders sure do make it look like you don’t. Building a home is more similar to buying a resale than you may think. Take a look at these 4 aspects of the building process and see the advantage in having someone work for you- for free! 1.  Representation The simple explanation is that the builder’s Sales Reps work for the builder. Some are licensed, not all are Realtors (Realtors are held to

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Stacy Sheeley

Why You Should Stage Your Home When Selling

Staging creates additional perceived value – One of the biggest values with home staging is that it helps buyers believe the value of the property is higher.  By showcasing the features and benefits of each property through proper placement of furniture, art and creatively accessorizing, you can control the way a buyer sees the space. Properties that are staged need fewer upgrades and updating – Depending on the price point of the property, staging can create such a visual change, buyers will either not notice or not care about costly updating.  Home staging helps to detract from negatives and accentuate

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My name is Stacy and I
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