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Stacy Sheeley

Why 2020 Will Be Another Great Year to Sell Your Home (If You Hurry!)

At the start of 2019, the window to cash in on a hot housing market appeared to be on the brink of shutting. Inventory fattened up to the tune of a 10% rise in the nation’s largest market (approximately 6% locally).   The average mortgage rate was up to 4.45% which felt like highway robbery compared to preceding years.  By early summer, talks of an impending recession stirred up worry.  But these indicators turned out to be red herrings for how 2019 would end and how 2020 would begin. As a result, expectations for real estate got flipped.  Here are 5

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Stacy Sheeley

The Most Important Things to Do When Preparing Your Home to Sell

You’ve decided to sell your home.  Now what?    You need to step back and see your home through the Buyer’s eyes. You want it to be the “this-is-it” home.  Nine of 10 home sales are a result of the “wow” feeling that is generated from the potential Buyer.  Once you get your home in tip-top selling condition, you should be able to list it at the top range of similar properties.  My approach works on all homes, in any market and any price range.   > Print the Workbook Step 1:  Donate, Throw Away, Sell Go through each room, each closet,

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