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The Housing Market is Hot, but Not in a Bubble

The Las Vegas Housing Market Report Last week the biggest news was that FHFA (the boss of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), released the new conforming loan amounts for 2021. While the loan amounts are effective as of 1/1/21, many lenders as we are, will allow for these new loan amounts now. That new loan limit has jumped more than 7% is $548,250. The VA loan limits will track the conforming loan limits (before anyone starts yelling, yes I am aware VA did away with loan limits when the Veteran does not have an outstanding VA loan but they do

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What happened in the real estate market in October 2020

Las Vegas Market Report for October 2020 Median Home Price $340,200  +10.8%  from October 2019 Homes Sold 3,225  +11.2%  from October 2019 Homes Without Offers 4,501 -37.6%  from October 2019 Homes Sold Within 30 Days 70.3%  +17.7%  from October 2019 ________________________________________________________ What does this mean for you? “COVID-19 appears to have extended the typical summer buying period by several months,” said 2020 LVR President. “The continued demand in our housing market is still not being met and is putting upward pressure on home values. Although we see increased permits by local home builders, they are still not meeting the demand that is

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Las Vegas Housing Market Report – March 2020

What does this mean for you? Existing home prices in Las Vegas hit a new peak in March, despite the onset of the national state of emergency related to the coronavirus.  “As much as these numbers appear to be a surprise, it goes to show you that the impact on our housing market and economy may trail by a month or two,” said the 2020 LVR President. “It just makes me wonder just how good the numbers would have been without this virus hitting us. The resiliency of Las Vegas will shine through, along with the lights on our Las Vegas Strip,

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