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Farmhouse Decorating

How to Decorate Your Home in Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse decorating is warm, cozy, relaxing, and full of charm and character.  It eschews modern sensibilities yet eclectic; going back to a simpler time.  This is what I love the most – it’s a mix of new and modern with an antique or vintage look twist.  Its surprisingly savvy.   Visit our blog for tips on decorating with Farmhouse style.

Here are some tips to follow for Farmhouse Decorating:

Staging your home with farmhouse style


Originally farmhouses were were simple and practical; built with whatever was functional and handy.  These days more thought goes into decorating in farmhouse style.  Nothing should be too delicate or fragile.  This style is built on solid pieces that endure for years.  What makes it eclectic is combining the antique, vintage or hand-me-down’s alongside new more modern, clean lines.  For example “block-style” or shaker style cabinets encasing a stainless steel refrigerator.


To keep the farmhouse style from being too country or kitschy, it needs to be a nice balance of the vintage look with a more modern and crisp style.  Your goal is to achieve the time-worn, loved and relaxed feeling.  The most important being it needs to be in tune with nature much like the weathered wood or wood-look laminate floors we see as the trend and in model homes.

Take Your Time

This style needs to look like it evolved over time and that you’ve collected items at flea markets and vintage stores.  There should be no matchy-matchy here.  It should look time-worn and loved.  This doesn’t mean you can’t buy furniture from a big store (and most do have a farm-house look section) but mix it with the real thing.  If you’re apt to buy new accessories that look old or country, only use one or two so you don’t overdo it.  Don’t hurry just to finish your room – take time to peruse flea markets, antique stores, and even yard sales.

Here are some elements of Farmhouse style:

Preparing bedrooms for staging

Decorating Ideas

Reclaimed Wood – using reclaimed wood on walls, floors, built-in shelving, a fireplace mantle, or in furniture is a nice way to add architectural detail.   You can also distress a piece of new wood by staining first then adding a white or grey wash over it, beating it up a little bit and some sanding.

Wood Ceiling Beams – exposed wood beams add an element of nature and a dramatic architectural detail.  Most companies that do floor and crown molding are able to do this.

Butcher Block Kitchen Island – you might find one of these in a real farmhouse since they are practical and functional.  Just remove the granite or laminate and add a piece of butcher block wood instead.

Farmhouse Sinks – These scream farmhouse.  In most of the new model homes you will find at least the shape of a farmhouse sink but the real ones are white porcelain.  For a modern farmhouse look though, the stainless option is nice too.

Vintage Furniture – While you wont want to fill your home with vintage or antiques, a chair with a linen slipcover , an interesting coffee table or accent table is a nice touch.  Wicker and rattan baskets add a nice nature touch and accent the distressed wood well.  Think about adding two or 3 of these elements to your room.

farmhouse decorating

The Question of Kitsch

Its easy for the country, shabby chic or farmhouse style to look kitschy.  Just stay away from floral wallpaper, prints and fabrics.  One pillow in colors to pull a room together is fine but oodles of flowers is going overboard.  So is barnyard animal themes or too many distressed furniture pieces.  Above all, its important to decorate with what you love but I hope you’ll find these tips handy and stay away from too kitschy.

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