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Stacy Sheeley Homes Is Now Offering Complimentary Staging to our Clients

As part of our services we are offering Professional Design, Staging and Space Planning complimentary when listing your home with us.  See our Seller’s Guide for a complete marketing plan to successfully sell your home for the top price in your neighborhood.

What is Staging?

Staging is the art of styling a house to appeal to the demographic most likely to purchase it.  In a study published by the National Association of Realtors, 81% of Realtors reported that Buyer’s find it easier to visualize themselves in a staged home, as a future home.  In my years of experience, I find this to be absolutely true.  The Buyer has to visualize how each space will fit their lifestyle.

Preparing bedrooms for staging

Our Services

With this in mind, we developed our professional services and decided to make them complimentary to our clients when deciding to list their homes with us.  We will help you to arrange furniture, add/remove decor and furnishings, declutter and accessorize.  We will also space plan by grouping furniture and making clear pathways to best showcase the floor plan.  Lastly, we consider the type of home, neighborhood and demographic your home will most likely sell to and plan rooms accordingly.  Our primary goal is to maximize the good and minimize the not so good; all in effort of obtaining the best sale price in the least amount of time.  Visit our website for more information on what we do to prepare your home.

Accessorizing a Staged Home

What we do for you, the Seller

If you’re planning on selling your home in the next few months, nothing is more important than knowing what it can potentially sell for.  We will help with a free Market Report to start, then if you’d like to know more, we’ll schedule an in-home consultation to determine how much we can sell your home for.

Complimentary Staging Consultation

Stacy Sheeley Homes facilitates successful connections between Buyers and Sellers of residential homes in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.  She is dedicated to providing each of her clients with an extraordinary quality of service and a wealth of experience in buying and selling real estate.  With over 16 years experience, excellent reviews, and numerous sales awards, she is the person that you can trust to successfully sell your home.  Contact us for a consultation.

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