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The move towards Mid-Century modern is picking up in Las Vegas.  The new “Vegas Modern” is everywhere from new home builders to the old Deco neighborhoods on the east side are being resurrected and modernized.

The design movements of the first half of the 20th century still continue to have an enormous impact on the furniture that is designed today. Some of the “modern” furniture of the 1950s fits the 21st-century ideas of modernity.


It’s easy to pick out a midcentury modern home. They make a bold statement with their large glass windows and a squarish design.


A Lacquered Look on Cabinetry, Doors and Furniture


A Danish cocktail table, and wooden media console infuse the airy space with nods to traditional mid-century modern style.

A contemporary twist on the iconic style, with crisp white walls, floating shelves, and signature rounded furniture

Crisp white, minimalistic furniture, simple lines and a touch of nature.

Color is trending in 2019.  Its time to rest the all white, sterile look of 2018.

Almost a 1920’s era glam with gold accents everywhere.

Living areas that are designed around art

Linen sofas & Leather Chairs.  The genius behind Restoration Hardware design look.

Sleek, simple, and timeless.

The mid-century modern style was popularized the 1950s and has yet to leave–for good reason. Defined by simple forms, organic influences, high functionality, and minimal ornamentation, the style has an undeniably timeless appeal. Plus, with a few simple tweaks, you can easily infuse your living room with a mid-century modern vibe.

Stacy has a keen eye for interior design and staging .  For sellers, she’s usually able to recommend relatively minor changes that most strategically stage a home to meet market expectations.  She also has a degree in marketing.  As she’s proven repeatedly, her knowledge and background in how to make a home more attractive and presentable leads directly to the ability to attract offers and sell a home quickly.  See Our Seller’s Guide.

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