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Are you wondering what your Las Vegas home is worth?   Fill out the simple form and we’ll send you a complete

appraisal report with the value and what price we would list it for.  Its easy and hassle-free.

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When it comes to listing homes, Stacy Sheeley is a top-producing Las Vegas Real Estate Team with over 16 years experience selling homes all over Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.   We’ve been awarded Top Producer in our office of over 550 Agents every year since 2015.  Look no further for an expert who gets results!

What we do for YOU the Seller:

  • Experience – We use our expertise to quickly and painlessly sell your home
  • Guidance – We help you through the process with open communication and feedback
  • Goals – Your goals are our goals.  We dont succeed until you do.

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Our goal is to showcase your property in media venues that expose it to the greatest number of potential buyers. We position your property so it’s seen by buyers interested in purchasing a home, and ready to buy. We employ the most effective types of media to market your home and get it SOLD!   We do this by:

  • An effective Marketing Plan
  • Preparing Your Home
  • Keeping You Up-to-Date
  • Successfully Closing the Transaction

Fill out the simple online form.  You’ll receive a complete report of the “comps” in your neighborhood with a list price of what we can sell your home for.

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